Custom Built Wrecker FAQs

This guide aims to answer some of the questions our team gets asked frequently when a customer is making the decision to buy a new custom heavy duty wrecker.

If you don’t see your question on this list, please feel free to contact us at any time. 

What size heavy duty wrecker should I build?

We offer a variety of size options for integrating and rotator wreckers.

This includes:

  • 15 ton integrated wreckers
  • 20 ton integrated wreckers
  • 25 ton integrated wreckers
  • 30 ton HD integrated wreckers
  • 30 ton rotating wreckers 
  • 40 ton rotating wreckers
  • 50 ton integrated wreckers
  • 60 ton rotating wreckers

Quick tow options are also available for custom build specifications.

For a complete gallery of our products, click here.

Do you sell used wreckers?

Occasionally, we will be able to list used wreckers for sale. However, these are popular and do not stay on our lot for too long.

Click here to see our used wrecker page to know if any are available for purchase at this time.

Do you have new, stock wreckers for sale?

Similar to our used wreckers, occasionally we do have new stock wreckers listed for sale — but they do sell quickly!

Check this page to see if any are available.

What is your warranty on custom built wreckers?

We offer a 10 year structural warranty on all of our products. 

What services does Custom Built Manufacturing offer?

We understand that every wrecker manufacturer is different, so to lend some clarity into what we specifically offer, here is a list of our services:

  • Custom aluminum bed side fabrication
  • Wrecker boom and wheel lift fabrication
  • Truck frame reinforcement 
  • Painting and detailing 
  • Towing accessory manufacturing (forks and receivers) 

What is included in the recovery kit?

  • x2 3/8″x6′ Type SG Grade 100 Chain Sling – Regular Grab Hook on One End
  • x4 5/16″-3/8″ Quick Binder Plus Ratchet 7100lbs WLL (Folding Handle)
  • x2 1/2″ 2-Leg Grade 100 Type DOG Assembly – Masterlink with 2-1/2″ Eye Foundry Hooks Connected to Masterlink
  • x2 1″ Grade 100 Master Link with (2) 1/2″ Eye Grab Hook with Adjuster for 2 Leg Sling (WLL =26000lbs, MBS=104000lbs)
  • x4 Blue Endless Round Sling x 12′ 21,200lbs Vertical WLL
  • x4 Blue Endless Round Sling x 16′ 21,200lbs Vertical WLL
  • x2 Orange Endless Round Sling x 16FT 40,000lbs Vertical WLL
  • x2 5/8″x10′ (Reach) Type SGG Grade 100 Chain Sling. Sling Hook x Regular Grab Hook
  • x4 1/2″x10′ (Reach) Type SGG Grade 100 Chain Sling. Sling Hook x Regular Grab Hook
  • x2 12″x16′ – 1-ply Poly Recovery Strap, Tapered Eyes, with Codura Wrapped Around Eyes
  • x2 12″x26′ – 1-ply Poly Recovery Strap, Tapered Eyes, with Codura Wrapped Around Eyes
  • x4 1-1/8″ CM Alloy Web Sling Shackle – 6″ Wide. Design Factor 6:1 (WLL 22,500#)
  • x8 1-1/8″ HDG SPA Shackle 9.5 Ton WLL (1-1/4″ Size Pin)
  • x8 1-3/8″ SPA Shackles Rated HDG 13.5 Ton WLL
  • x2 5/16″x8′ (Reach) Type SGG Grade 100 Chain Sling. Cradle Grab Hook x Cradle Grab Hook
  • x2 3/8″x8′ (Reach) Type SGG Grade 100 Chain Sling. Regular Grab Hook x Regular Grab Hook
  • x4 8″ 8 Ton Johnson Single Sheave Snatch Block with Hook and Latch Bronze Brushed
  • x2 3/8″x6′ (Chain Length) Type SOL Grade 100 Chain Sling, with a 1/2″ Omega Link on One End

You can view more details about our recovery kit here.

Where is Custom Built Manufacturing located?

We are located in Kane, Pennsylvania on 700 N. Elk Avenue.

Prior to Custom Built Manufacturing opening under that name in 2006, Owner Derek Dangelo owned and operated Dangelo’s Auto Body and Towing since 1978 — also in Kane, PA.

Can I tour the Custom Built Manufacturing facility?

Absolutely! To set-up a date and time to tour, simply call 1-800-540-5151, or fill out this online form, mentioning the tour in the “message” section.


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