About Us

A History of Custom Built Manufacturing:

In 1978, Derek Dangelo founded Dangelo’s Auto Body and Repairs in Kane, Pennsylvania. The business served the towing industry for 30 years, and the auto body industry for 35 years.

In 2006, the business shifted to what is now Custom Built Manufacturing LLC, with a focus exclusively on manufacturing custom built heavy duty wreckers. Derek and his team brought the years of experience they had gleaned to the new business, and further fortified their expertise in the towing industry.

Throughout the years and changes to the Custom Built business, one thing has remained constant: a dedication to customer service. 

This commitment to unmatched quality and customer service begins at the top, and spreads throughout every member of the Custom Built team. Derek personally works with each customer to design a wrecker that meets their exact needs and specifications. From there, he oversees the manufacturing process and ensures that every single piece and part meets the standards expected by customers.

Every boom, frame, box, and more are all manufactured in our facility in Kane, PA. Each item is fabricated, welded, painted, and assembled by specialty workers who are experts in their field. Each element of the build is inspected by hand, ensuring no defects are passed along to the final product.

The products that are used for manufacturing are American made steel and aluminum. Fasteners, hydraulics, cables, winches, lights, rings, pinions, and other accessories are sourced from American companies and incorporated into the tow truck in our facility.

From metal forming to welding, assembly to painting, experts in-house have eyes on every step of the manufacturing process.


Our Mission:

Our mission at Custom Built Manufacturing is to meet or exceed customer expectations at every level of quality, value, performance, price, and shortest possible lead times.

Because Custom Built Manufacturing is a family owned, run and operated manufacturer in a small town, we carry that attitude to our most valued customers. 

We treat you, our customers, like family and build your
vehicles as if they were our own.