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Custom Built Manufacturing is proud to be a full service Wrecker Manufacturer.  Some of our key services are listed below:

Custom Aluminum Bedsides

  • New and refurbished to fit your needs

Wrecker Booms and Wheel Lifts

  • 15 ton to 80 ton rotators
  • Two and three stage booms
  • Up to 135" under reach

Frame Rail Modifications

  • Frame reinforcement (double or triple frame)
  • Frame stretch

Paint and Body Work

  • Colors and options to fit your fleet

Towing Accessories

  • Forks and receivers
  • Chains, straps


Custom aluminum bed side fabrication

Each box is built in our dedicated aluminum welding shop to the specifications of our customers.  We can help you choose sizes, layouts and lighting options to fit your truck.  We offer bedsides for our new units as well as to refurbish your older unit that may be in need of updating.

Wrecker booms and wheel lifts

We offer wreckers and rotators ranging from 15 ton to an 80 ton rotator.  We have a team of metal workers and machines that fabricate our precision designs to ensure the highest quality.  Some of the options we offer are two or three stage booms, extended length under reach and different style stabilization “feet”.

Truck frame reinforcement

Often times customer’s supply us with a truck that may need to have the frame rails doubled or the frame lengthened to meet strength specifications.  We can discuss these options with you during the specification process of your new wrecker.

Paint and Body Work- Since Dangelos Custom Built started out as a Body Shop over 30 years ago we understand Paint and Body work.  We can paint your new wrecker to match the rest of your fleet.

Towing Accessories

Custom Built manufactures a complete line of towing forks and receivers.  Sizes and styles are available to fit most trucks.  We can also custom build you a set of forks to your specifications.  Just let us know what you are looking for and we can fabricate them just for you.  We can also supply you with a full line of chains, straps, wire rope and snatch blocks to cover all of your towing needs.TOWING ACCESSORY KITS

FORK and Receivers