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Why Should I Consider a Rotating Wrecker?

Have you considered a rotating wrecker for your fleet? There are several benefits of a rotator that you may not have considered. Here is some education on some of those needs and benefits.     

Municipality Requirements

In recent years there has been some call from quick clearance teams and local municipalities to have a rotator in your fleet.  In most cases they give you very specific specifications for these trucks including minimum winch size and overall truck capacity.

Single truck operations

Some of our customers would like to add two trucks to their fleet but don’t have employees for two trucks or don’t want to keep up with the maintenance and costs of two trucks.  They are more comfortable purchasing a smaller size rotator that gives them added recovery capabilities over a “stick” truck but still lets them tow vehicles at legal weights.

Local terrain

In some cases the local terrain can play a big part in the decision to purchase a rotator.  Having an area with steep cliffs or a stretch of road that you can only ever use one lane to recover vehicles is a perfect place for a rotator.  Also being in remote locations where going back to get another truck could take too much time.

New accounts/ Versatility

Rotators are being used for many different types of jobs these days beyond towing and recovery.  We have customers that were able to add new profits to their business by offering lifting services to customers they would have never had with out using a rotator.

Because my competitor has one- so this may be the worst reason to purchase a rotator but he who dies with the most toys… well he still dies but he had fun when he was alive.