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Why Should I Consider a Custom Built Wrecker?

Custom Built Manufacturing truly gives you the opportunity to Custom Build your new wrecker. In most cases the core towing apparatus, the boom and/or wheel lift, typically stay the same but the wheel base, suspension, and tool box layout are all open to be modified to your liking.  In some cases our customers require a shorter wheel base truck to be more maneuverable or have a certain suspension they would like to use due to their specific road conditions.  All of these options can be specified by you and we will go to work building the truck that fits your needs.  If you would rather not be bothered by the specifics of the build process we can spec the unit out for you as well.     



Since we hand craft the pieces of our Custom Built Wreckers at our plant in Kane PA we are able to assure you the highest quality.  We source our steel and aluminum from foundries across America.  We work with our suppliers to be be sure only the best products are used when building your wrecker.  Our products are sourced from companies you have come to know like Ramsey Winch, Bailey Hydraulics, Dalton Hydraulics,  Bucher valves,  and B/A Products to name a few.  Each weld is done by some of the best welders western PA has to offer. 


Have you heard of the K.I.S.S. theory? Keep It Simple Smartie.  Our goal is to manufacture Wreckers that are K.I.S.S. approved.  Each unit is engineered using common controllers, fittings, wiring, and hoses that meet or exceed the specifications of that unit. Since we manufacture just about all of our steel and aluminum parts in house we are able to control how complex each item is and have inventory of our items in stock.  By keeping the core of the Wrecker simple we are able to offer you shorter down times and lower repair costs if needed.

Cost Effective

Purchasing a new heavy wrecker could be the largest purchase you or your business has ever made.  We want you to get a great product for a great value.  Since our goal is to keep each unit simple we are able to keep costs down in the manufacturing and engineering departments.  Instead of spending time trying to re-engineer a specific part to make it our own specialized part we choose to use parts that exceed our specifications and are readily available.  This will also help you control costs in the future while doing routine maintenance or repairs.