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quick tow detachable units


Winch Specifications

  • (1) 20,000 lb Winch


  • Underlift fully retracted 60" 28,000-35,000lb rating (based upon wheelbase)

  • Underlift Fully extended 120" 12,000lb rating

  • Towing capacity is 80,000lbs

  • Center of Tail Axle to Tail of Frame is 30"

  • Hydraulic Rear Spades

Also Includes:

  • 1- Cordless Remote

  • 1 – 8 Function Switch Panels

  • Hydraulic Tank

  • 5 sets of Towing Forks

  • Built in Fork Storage Racks

  • Dual aluminum Over the Wheel Boxes

  • Dual Rear Facing Storage Storage Compartments

  • Air Free Spool

  • Stiff Legs

Chassis recommendations

  • Minimum Front Axle GAWR 12,000lbs
  • Minimum Rear Axle GAWR 40,000lbs
  • Minimum RBM each frame rail 2,250,000

About the Detach Unit

The CB Quick Tow Detachable is a detachable towing machine that gives you the convenience of being able to remove the unit in minutes in order to use your road tractor for other jobs. The independent under lift is rated at 28,000lb to 35,000lb of lifting fully retracted, and 12,000lbs extended. We offer a 20,000lb winch mounted on to the underlift for quick pulls or winch outs.

We recommend a 285” to 300” minimum wheelbase for our Quick Tow Detachable Units. This allows for proper towing capacities on most trucks and gives you adequate storage options.

This unit must be Installed at our location. It is included in the price and includes Hydraulic tank. This unit has 10 year Structual Warranty since it is installed at our plant.


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