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Tow Shows

Well, the Florida Tow Show marks the beginning of the 2016 Tow Show season for most.  We thought we would take a few minutes and review the Top 5 reasons you may want to consider attending a Tow Show this year.

#5 - Vacation

Let’s start with the obvious.  Many of us can’t afford to be away from our business for long periods of time and being able to have a mini vacation is just what we need.  Most Tow Shows now are focused on the family as well as the tower.  There are events for the Lil’ Towers as well as demo’s, dinners and BBQ’s for the whole family.
 Tip: As much as you want to be with your whole family the entire time be sure to schedule some time to see each booth without the interruptions of potty breaks and “can I have that”.  Working vacations are a hard thing to manage but this time to yourself will help you focus on why you are there.

#4 - Camaraderie

 It’s nice to be around people who speak your language.  When you can talk with someone and mention a Snatch Block or Scotch Block and not have to stop to explain what it is or how it works.  It’s also nice to reminisce. Unless you work for a large company or you are very close with other local towers you don’t get this chance that often.  Before the internet these Tow Shows were the place where all the good stories were told. Who had the largest recovery and how they got the job done back home.  Sometimes I think this is missing from the current shows but then I go to dinner close to a show and I can hear people at another table telling their recovery stories and I know it’s not all lost.
Tip:  Meet someone new at the next show you attend.  Ask them about their stories and how they do it back home.  You will both learn something new and might make friends for life.

#3 - Training

Shows now offer training seminars ranging from a 1 hour class on safety apparel to full 2 day certifications.  Companies like WreckMaster, TRAA and Recovery Billing Unlimited offer these certification courses and the group of students you will meet are from all over the world.    When you have students from all over the world, all in one class, different questions get asked that may not have been asked in a local class you would have attended at home.  In many cases you will gain knowledge from a fellow student as well. 
Tip:  Be sure to review the training schedule for each show.  There are so many things going on that there is a chance a class may overlap with something else you wanted to see or do.  Plan accordingly.

#2 - Latest and Greatest

This is the place to see it all.  All of the manufacturers are here to display the best products they have to offer.  You have seen it in a magazine or online but here is your chance to see it up close and decide for yourself if it’s the right fit for your company.  In most cases the designer, manufacturer or owner of the company is in the booth and can answer just about every question you could think of. 


Tip: Do yourself a favor and take the time to stop at every booth and at least see what they are offering.  These vendors have a product that they think is the best for one reason or another.  It may be the perfect product for you, or it may not be, but at least you took the time to find out.

#1 -  Inspiration

Take this quick time away to re-boot and get inspired about what you do.  Take a look around the show and see how many other people choose to do the same job you do and be proud of the brotherhood.  Consider what drives you to this profession, what you learned during this Tow Show or training and how it can help you move forward with your career.
Tip: While you’re travelling home from the show think about a goal you can focus on for this upcoming year.  Things like, becoming a certified operator, purchasing a new tool for your truck, growing your business or fleet.  Then next year when you are attending the same Tow Show look back at what you have accomplished in 12 months.  It will be rewarding!
Custom Built has committed to displaying at more Tow Shows this year than ever.  As our brand grows we are excited to meet new people and see old friends at these Tow Shows.  Whether we have a small inside booth or a couple of trucks on display please stop by and say hello (it’s less fun standing in the booth by ourselves).

Come see us at:

  • PWOF- Orlando
  • AT Showplace -Las Vegas
  • New Hampshire Tow Show- Hampton Beach, NH
  • ESTRA Tow Show- Lake George, NY
  • AT Expo- Dallas, TX
  • Tennessee Tow Show- Chattanooga, TN
  • Midwest Tow Show- Mason, OH
  • AT Expo- Baltimore, MD 

In the meantime you can keep up to date with what we are doing thru social media and our Emails like these.