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Building the right Towing truck

Choosing a Chassis and Wheel Base that fits you best

There are many different terms and specifications used when you are building a new wrecker or even when you are looking at a pre-owned wrecker or tow truck.  Today we are going to review a few of those and see how they help you decided what is the best combination for your next wrecker or what the capacities of your current unit are.


Tow Shows

Well, the Florida Tow Show marks the beginning of the 2018 Tow Show season for most.  We thought we would take a few minutes and review the Top 5 reasons you may want to consider attending a Tow Show this year.

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Who Is Custom Built MFG?

Being our first blog post on this site we thought it would be helpful to know who we are as a company.

Custom Built is a “small town USA” manufacturer of Heavy Wreckers.  With established roots in the auto body and towing industry Custom Built was formed in 2006.

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