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25 Ton Integrated Wrecker


Recovery Boom

  • Retractable boom lift cylinders 5” Bore

  • Boom retracted 50,000 lb @ minimum 45 degrees

  • Boom extended 12,000 lb@ minimum 45 degrees

  • Boom extension 120”

  • Reach past tail board 130”

Winch Specifications

  • 2 Winches 25,000 lb

  • Air cable tensioner and air free spool


  • Underlift fully retracted 60”   28,000 lb rating
  • Underlift fully extended 120”   12,000 lb rating (based upon wheelbase)
  • Tow capacity   80,000 lbs
  • Center of rear axle to tail of frame 30”

Chassis Recommendations

  • Minimum front axle GAWR   12,000 lb
  • Minimum rear axle GAWR   20,000 lb
  • Minimum RBM each frame rail   2,250,000

Also Includes:

  • 1- Cordless Remote
  • 2 – 6 Function Switch Panels
  • LED Lighting
  • 5 sets of Towing Forks
  • Built in Fork Storage Racks
  • Aluminum Body Sides 

About the 25 Ton Integrated Wrecker

Custom Built 25 ton wreckers give you added recovery capabilities over our 20 ton version.  With 50,000 lbs of winching power, and 80,000 lbs of towing capacity from your under reach, this is the perfect truck for Medium and Heavy duty towing and recoveries.  Our boom offers 50,000 lbs capacity retracted and 12,000 lbs at a full 10’ of extension. 

We recommend a 280” wheel base for a single axle or a 320” wheelbase for our tandem or tag axle 25 Ton wreckers.   This allows for proper towing capacities on most trucks and gives you adequate storage options.  We offer many different layouts for our tool boxes and pride ourselves on “Custom Built” bedsides and boxes.  Many safety features can be added to your truck during the build process.  LED tool box lighting, multiple control panels and remote controls are some of the options.  We suggest a “passenger side” tool box layout for most of our trucks that will keep you and your employees on the right side of your truck in normal towing situations.  By keeping your common towing items such as chains, axle straps, lights and hoses on the non-traffic  side of your truck you reduce your risk of accident.


 Options to consider when building your 25 Ton Wrecker:

  • Tool box- we can add a stainless steel tool multi drawer tool box to one of your bedside compartments to keep your tools and fittings organized.
  • Stainless Steel appearance package- Add a little bling to your truck.  Our stainless package typically runs the full length of your bedsides on the top and bottom rail as well as on the main boom and the rear of the under reach.
  • Dri Deck- Dri Deck is a great way to protect your bed side’s boxes and keep your tool and accessories off the bottom of the boxes.  We will cut Dri Deck to fit all of your boxes.
  • Air Shift PTO- The convenience and ease of an air shift PTO is well worth the investment.  We recommend air shift PTO’s for all of our units to reduce maintenance and repairs in the future.
  • Tunnel Boxes- The added storage of a tunnel box is great for long handled items like shovels or brooms.  It is also a great place for cribbing or a 48” light bar.  These can be added to most trucks with adequate wheel base.
  • Side Puller- If you are looking for some added recovery capabilities this is the perfect option for you.  With two options of either 12,000 or 20,000lbs capacities and 24” of boom extension on each side, our side puller will complete your trucks recovery capabilities.
  • Towing Forks- When you purchase a new wrecker from Custom Built we will supply you with one set of rear safety chains and a few sets of forks and receivers of your choosing.  


  • Towing Accessories- Custom Built can offer you many types of accessories and kits to get your truck ready for work.  Common kits include our “Ready to Tow” and “Ready for Recovery” kits. 

Check out our kits here